Our expertise and professional solutions include CRM, ERP, E-commerce, Business intelligence, Customer experience, Workforce management, People counting and other products for different needs of the global business society.

We deliver completely Integrated Software platforms through vertical and horizontal integration with an unlimited number of APPs for different market niches and a variety of services including tailored made in-house implementation, Solution as a service or Cloud as a service.

Every day, more than 70,000 companies are increasing employee productivity, team collaboration, customer loyalty, and, most importantly, sales revenues using our solutions.

Our customers' success is critical for us so we are committed to providing them with always new, innovative solutions and their competitive advantage.

We embrace an innovative culture throughout the network of interconnected programs and entities that cover all dimensions of innovation, from research and development to customer implementation.

Our flagship technology and product innovations are helping society solve complex, intractable problems, so our customers are empowered with the unique approach for their business operations at all managing levels and departments.