Alligator is people counting software platform with a variety of features such as counting people entering the store, passing by the store, moving around the store, comparing locations, dwell time, returning and frequent visitors, targeting visitors, what if analysis, faster checkout, integration with ERP for automatic conversion rate, 3D or 2D store visualization

7/24 h system health monitoring for server software application and all connected devices with remote access and maintenance for all installed equipment from a single location.

Integration with all worlds well known ERPs, CRMs and Business intelligence software packages, such as SAP, Microsoft Navision, Oracle etc.

Key information for every visitor's movement around the store with key data regarding the attractiveness of goods and all type of products for each visitor or buyer.

Review traffic and conversion levels of each store, compare and identify opportunities for improvement.

Evaluate employee performance based upon actual conversion results.

Combine weather data and store traffic data to determine the potential impact of weather events on the store or regional traffic.

Use traffic trends to predict future sales.

Use foot traffic and conversion to determine the effective duration of a marketing program