Some companies have adopted certain forms of electronic reports in Excel, Word or similar business applications but data stored in this way are complicated to use in business analytics as they are not digital and structured.

Fortunately, most companies nowadays draw business data from business software, such as ERP, CRM, ERV, HRM, whether these are accounting, inventory, personnel records, so these data are most often structured and stored in a database. Our mission is to transform them into a variety of digital reports for different purposes, departments, processes or employees so they can be used in a business analysis and provide valuable conclusions and actions.

Business intelligence by WOUU, as a professional information system, allow companies of all sizes to embark on a complex analysis and forecasting of operations at no extra costs that would be incurred by hiring analysts and statisticians or agencies for data research.

Business leaders and managers cannot afford to be indifferent to the information they receive from their business because it affects the way they work, helps to improve business processes and make important business decisions. Only those companies that consider data as strategic assets and treat them accordingly will survive and advance.

Wouu Business intelligence solutions represent a set of methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information that enables more efficient strategic, tactical and operational insights and better decision-making.

BI by WOUU is a modern, web-based solution that is created using the latest software tools, fully dedicated to user experience (UX - user experience). It is a comprehensive Business Intelligence software that is capable of processing large amounts of data from different sources and providing clear, timely and easily accessible reports from anywhere and on any device. A simple and intuitive interface allows users without prior IT knowledge to create complex and useful reports.

However, we do not need to consider BI by WOUU solely as a reporting tool since, in addition to the reporting role, it provides insight and control and helps in managing business performance, enabling companies to have a unique advantage over competition, as well as agility, flexibility and the ability to quickly act in key moments.

Types of reports offered by BI by WOUU

Classic Reports – are mainly in the form of tables and are used to provide detailed information regarding transactional data - daily income, expenses, indebtedness, working hours ... They are of great benefit to accounting officers or employees at a lower decision-making level.

Dashboards – they are used when a quick visual performance overview is required. They are mostly used by process controllers or managers to monitor whether a particular process is taking place in accordance with the defined plan.

Problem Analysis – it is used mainly for identifying problems and applying corrective measures to solve a problem.

Key Performance Indicators - used to set and track goals, manage business performance, and provide notifications on inconsistencies. They are mostly used by top management to make the most important decisions about doing business and planning future activities.

Observing data from multiple sources can give contradictory reports as well as confusing information. BI by WOUU uniforms the received inputs using predetermined parameters, thus giving the most complete and most relevant reports. Data are obtained from any database used by ERP, CRM, accounting software, BPM, attendance records or any other software.

The software also predicts future events with a high percentage of probability. This functionality is enabled using advanced data analysis and creating reports that can monitor trends and find the connection between phenomena.

10 reasons why you should use Wouu Business Intelligence software

  1. Timely Response - BI by WOUU reports and analyses are based on data describing business events that have already been completed, that are ongoing but also those that will happen in the future. This provides an adequate response to preceding events and better dealing with business risks.
  2. Report accuracy - using BI by WOUU, the reporting error is reduced to an absolute minimum, which is within a statistical error range of < 0.2%. All data are uniform, regardless of whether they come from different sources and reflect the simultaneous state of all business changes.
  3. Display Clarity - the presentation of the report and the analysis provided by BI by WOUU is extremely comprehensive, with the ability to inspect the aggregate data provide an overview of the details yielding the aggregate data. This way, the manager who uses them can completely independently analyze the causes and consequences of individual phenomena or trends at one place and through one user interface.
  4. Data security - all data used by BI by WOUU are fully protected and meet the highest global safety standards. The data can be accessed exclusively by authorized users passing through several security levels.
  5. Easy installation, implementation and maintenance - depending on the size of the company and the user's requirements, the installation of the system lasts from several days to one month. All subsequent updates and improvements are received almost instantly and are downloaded with only one click.
  6. Comparison - BI by WOUU enables a simultaneous overview of multiple analysis and reports, both for different business indicators, as well as for different periods and cycles. It even allows for a parallel overview of quantitative and qualitative reports, because only through their combination one can understand the essence of the reporting results and business in general.
  7. Savings – By using BI by WOUU software, significant savings in business and time can be achieved. Faster decision-making directly increases the productivity of the company and makes larger profits.
  8. Integration - quick and easy integration with any business software increases the availability of information making more quality and more complex reports. It does not matter if it is ERP, CRM, HRM or BPM - BI simply uses the quantitative data obtained from these software packages, making useful analysis, information and reports from them.
  9. User-based solution - BI by WOUU is not reserved exclusively for large companies. On the contrary, it is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, all companies that want to secure or strengthen their advantage over competitors by using advanced BI tools.
  10. Customer Support - What makes BI by WOUU stand out is an advanced customer support, available at any time for any type of problem or customer dilemma. Our call-centre is available 24/7, and all responses are distributed to the user as soon as possible, via e-mail or direct phone calls.