E-commerce is a core technology in the business transformation that goes beyond the boundaries between digital and physical world by interacting digital technologies into all processes of interaction between the company and the consumer.

From the perspective of customers, the difference between physical and digital sales disappears thus putting your existing or potential customer at the centre of attention, no matter where and how they buy.

Empire E-commerce is a Unified platform B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) with over 100 exciting functionalities classified into 13 groups.

Overview of Empire functionalities includes several Management categories, Catalogue, Content, Customer, Product, Order and Discount & Promotion management with Reporting and Analytics, Settings, CMS (Content management system), Search management and Integration management.

The integrated Empire web store takes information directly from the company's ERP to promote online sales. Launching of B2B and B2C stores integrated with the company's ERP enables meeting all customer requirements: specific customer prices, preferred payment methods, specific roles for different employees, customized catalogues …

Integrated Empire B2C and B2B in one store enable:
  • One store for all customers
  • All customers to be at one place
  • Tracking all customers from one location
  • Sending one campaign to all customers
  • Easier management
  • Transparency and availability of all data
  • Complete statistical data at one place
  • A parallel analysis of B2B and B2C purchases
  • Controlling the priority of order delivery
Key advantages of Empire solution include:
  • Integration with any ERP and many other systems
  • Fast online store operation despite a large number of products it can support
  • High level of flexibility and fast implementation
  • Modern design and user interface
  • Flexibility of access through any device (desktop, tablet, mobile device)
  • Equal purchasing options for both registered and anonymous customers

With an E-store, potential customers are found all over the world with 24/7 availability through an internet search that brings new customers easier product finding and more comfortable options with special offers and availability of plenty of information about products with personalized communication with customers.

Superior strategic approach O2O (Online to Offline), attracting potential customers from online channels to the physical retail store as many of them still like to touch the products.

Turning a visitor into a happy customer is the functionality that retains the visitor in the e-store and prompts purchase, achieves the visitor's interest by a personalized offer, and expresses gratitude to the visitor for successful purchase along with offering additional products.