Wouu ERP enables synchronization and integration of all its business functions and relevant data for consistent operation of all company's sectors – sale, finance, delivery, procurement or manufacturing.

Thanks to the responsive design, the same web application can be used on a desktop computer or tablet, regardless of the operating system installed on those devices (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc)

Wouu ERP can work independently or integrated with other business software such as CRM, E-commerce, Business intelligence etc.

Functionalities of the solution are divided into nine related modules, finance, procurement, production, sale, warehouse, transportation, service, personnel and assets.

You can easily integrate with Wouu CRM for creating a unified solution, simplifying business processes and boosting productivity with visibility of all people and processes on one digital workplace.

Immediate availability of data for all employees regardless of the sector of the company they work in, every employee can have an insight into the data necessary for their assignments.

The integration and automatization of business processes by Wouu ERP eliminates the need for multiple entries of data and increases the efficiency of all company sectors.

Planning orders from the suppliers is optimized, inventory costs are reduced, utilization of equipment, transport and personnel is more effective.

In addition to high minded data preview, Wouu ERP also enables flexible adjustment of many different reports for management needs and fast and accurate decision making.