The Time & Attendance software, as a part of Workforce management, record the employee’s presence , monitor, control and gather data. That enables the review of every person’s attendance and the team’s work commitment.

Solution records and automatically tracks employee’s attendances and absences, including breaks, business trips, overtime work. The application also enables contemporary options, such as working from home, even without physical registration on the terminal.

Attendance registry includes:
  • review of the time of arrival and break in real time,
  • review of the employees' attendance status in real time,
  • registry of total working hours of an employee for a certain period and
  • registry of average working hours, breaks and overtime work.
  • The application enables advanced filtering by all relevant parameters and provides an organized report in the form of tables or charts.
  • Each attendance can be checked in real time, both by the employee and the management, and it is possible to write a comment and start a discussion.

Software keeps the employees well-informed, because at any time they can find out about their attendance during a certain period. They can review how much of their annual leave they have used, whether they have any days off remaining and if they were late more times during a certain month

One of the most important functions of Wouu is the creation of work schedule. In practice, this is a very complex task which has to be in accordance with all the requirements and rules of the company on one hand, and the employees' availability on the other. With Wouu Workforce software it is possible to create detailed shifts and to assign them to employees and groups of employees.

No measure can change the employees until they realize their impact on the increase in productivity and profit. With Wouu the employees can review their working hours, breaks and absences at any time, and they change their habits and improve themselves as a part of the team.

When installing Wouu application, you can get the whole solution with hardware of the highest quality. Terminals placed adequately according to standards are used to register employees' working hours and they enable the recording of arrivals and departures, business and private absences, breaks, and they provide additional information by completing software's operation.